Chime Soloist

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

  This package comes with sheet music for three ringers (or small ensemble) and a fully orchestrated accompaniment track, which may be used for practice and/or performance. The charts use 22 bells or chimes, ranging from F#4 - B6. A total of 44 measures, this rendition is arranged in G Major. There is no written accompaniment. Visit for more information about arrangers Betty J. Price (soloist) and Tim Doran (Accompanist).
 Composer:Fearis, J.S.
 Arranger:Doran, Tim & Price, Betty J.
 Less than a full Handbell Choir: Trio
 Classification:Compact Disc Hymn Tune 
 Technique:No Special Technique, may go well with chimes  
 Voicing: Handbells, No Choral  
 Instrument: Handbells OR Chimes  
 Season: N/A  
 Bells Used: Two Octaves(22)  
 Stock Number: MCE1076   Includes accompaniment CD