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4 4+ 5- 5 5+ 6- 6 6+  


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Season (check only one)

Advent All Saints/Souls Day Christmas Communion Easter
Epiphany Lent Palm Sunday Passover Pentecost
Reformation Thanksgiving      

Less than a full handbell choir

4-in-hand ensemble 6-in-hand C. Anderson's "4-in-Hand" Duet Ensemble
Quartet Quintet Sextet Solo Ringer Trio

Classification (check all that apply)

2 Handbell Choirs 3 Handbell Choirs Accompaniment for Cong. Singing
All Malleted American Indian titles Antiphonal Music
Arranged more than once, same key Beginning Music-"Very, Very Easy" Beginning Music - step 2, "Very Easy"
Beginning Music - step 3, "Easy" Beginning Ringer Books Bell Tree
Broadway "show" Tunes Cassette Change Ringing
Church or Concert Classical Composers Classical Music
Collection Compact Disc Concert
Contemporary Christian Descants Director's Manuals
Disney Tunes Exercises Fanfare
Folk Music Full Score Hope and Rememberance
Humorous Hymn Tune Instrument Part
International Music Intrepretive Movement Introit
Irish Titles Jazz Large Notes (Print)
Marching Choir Medley Memorial Service
Movie titles Musical - Not Broadway Music Drama
N/A Narrator Opera titles
Original Composition Ostinato Pantomine
Patriotic Praise and Worship Processionals
Reproducible Rock & Pop Music Secular
Service Music (Responses, etc) Set of 6 Set of 8
Sing and Ring Speech Choir Spiritual
Suite Text Text with Music
Titles using 12 Bells Treble Clef Only Video

Techniques (check all that apply)

*Hold your mouse over the word to read it's definition.
BD (Brush Damp) CD (Controlled Diminuendo) Damp Sign
Echo Gyro Hand Martellato
HD (Hand Damp) LV (Let Vibrate) Mallet
Mallet Click Mallet Lift Mallet Roll
Martellato Martellato Lift Muted Martellato
N/A No Special Technique, may go well with chimes Pl (Pluck)
Pluck Lift Rim Brush Rolled Chord
RT (Ring Touch) SB (Singing Bell or Bowl) Selective Damp
Sk (Shake) Sw (Swing) TD (Thumb Damp)
TLD (Table Land Damp) TPl (Tap Pluck) tr (Trill)
vib. (Vibrato)    

Voicing (check all that apply)

2 part & congregation 2-Part Mixed 2-Part (SA or TB) 2 Vocal Choirs
3 choirs 3 part Cantata (SAB) Cantata (SATB)
Children Chimes only Congregation Handbells, No Choral
Multiple voicings N/A SA (2 part) SAB
Treble Clef Only TTBB Unison Unison/2part
Unison/2 part cantata Unison & Cantor Unison & SATB Youth

Instrument (check all that apply)

Band/Concert Band Bb Instrument Brass Ensemble Cello
Chimes(Choirchimes or Handchimes) C Instrument Clarinet Flute
Glockenspiel Guitar Handbells OR Chimes Handbells & Voices
Harp Horns in F Keyboard Multiple Instruments
Oboe Orchestra Orff Organ
Percussion Piano Piccolo Recorders
Saxophone String Bass String(Ensemble) Trumpet(s)
Tubular Chimes Violin Vocal Solo Woodwinds